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Dennis Galloway is an INCREDIBLE coach ! In just 20 minutes he helped me let go of two pieces of emotional baggage I've been carrying around for the past week. What a blessing!

In his very core is a powerful gentleness — a true gentility. His gentleness makes Dennis approachable and trustworthy. You’ll know right off the bat that you’ll be treated well by Dennis.

Dennis is also very sincere. He is searching for your good and actively looks for ways to help you. He has a lot of wisdom and knowledge to draw on and he knows how to tailor that to your needs. Dennis’ insights were specific and applicable to my situation.

Dennis is an excellent mentor. Do not hesitate to reach out to him! He will help you understand your emotions and will give you the tools you need to improve

Stephanie Ollerton

Film Producer, Director

Dennis is an amazing coach. He has a way of listening with such focus he hears all that you say and hears the things that go unsaid and knows just what to say to help get to the heart of what you are really trying to convey.


He is amazing at giving little nudges so that a new idea can rest in your mind for a little bit and grow so that soon you want to do what he suggested because you see the full value of his suggestion.


Dennis is definitely the person you want beside you as you work to change and improve your life. He will help you clear blocks and will help you build a vision of what your life will look as you change. He knows how to dream and he helps you build a dream of what life can be like.


You won't regret working with him, be ready for great changes and new possibilities. It is going to be epic!

Alison Gardner

Empowering Lower Lights.

Dennis has incredible listening skills and sound advice backed by experience, deep thinking, reflection, and an attitude of gratitude.


Dennis listens carefully to truly understand my questions, to hear the root of my concerns. Dennis is open and real in his communications in a way that helps me feel safe, accepted where I’m at, and like he truly cares about me as a person. What an incredible help this was for me as he mentored me through my questions.


To have Dennis Galloway in your corner, rooting and cheering for you, and even better – guiding and directing you as you focus towards your potential – WOW! You’ve found a treasure here!


Take action, sign up, embrace the wisdom and fun that Dennis can guide and mentor you with. Your life will be blessed more times over than you currently realize!

JoAnne Lee


Hi, I Am Dennis Galloway

I help individuals create compelling futures. I have developed courses and tools that are simple to apply to overcome barriers to goals or what people want in their lives. The principles behind these tools have been around for centuries, but only recently understood well enough to apply them to our job, our relationships, our lives.

• Trained in Mentoring and Presentation Skills by Kirk Duncan

• Past President of Loudspeakers Toastmasters International organization.

• Author of 12 books, including: The Pen Sultan’s Wisdom, The Green King

• Developer and Producer of on online courses .

• Masters in Electrical Engineering Management, University of Amherst, Amherst MA

• Certificate in Leadership and Marketing, University of California , San Diego

• Certified in Marketing Leadership, University of London, Ontario Canada

• Managed $10M product line with world-wide responsibility

• Trained by National Geographic for Multimedia Story Telling

• Wrote, created and produced a video web series and video documentaries

• Performed on stage in plays and in four films in Hollywood

• US Army Veteran

• Successful marriage, with 17 grandchildren.

It's time to get your life together and make progress you have wanted to for so long. Let's get started TODAY !-Dennis


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